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Micro để bàn Electro-voice PC SATELLITE-12

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Mã hàng : PC SATELLITE-12
Bảo hành : 12 tháng
Tình trạng : Còn hàng
Xuất xứ: USA
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Micro để bàn Electro-voice PC SATELLITE-12

 Micro để bàn Electro-voice PC SATELLITE-12 là bộ phụ kiện của thương hiệu Electro Voice hiện được nhập khẩu và phân phối chính hãng bởi electro-voice.vn tại Việt Nam

Thông tin sản phẩm : Micro để bàn Electro-voice PC SATELLITE-12

  • Micro để bàn/ để bục không dây độ nhạy cao loại tụ điện dài 12 inch (dùng với hệ thu/ phát không dây RE-2)
  • The PolarChoice™ Satellite is a free-standing gooseneck style microphone, firmly anchored in place by its' elegantly designed base. This low-profile foundation hides PolarChoice™ Satellite's most powerful feature - space for a wireless transmitter. Turn the base over to reveal the specially designed compartment for housing a Telex or Electro-Voice bodypack transmitter. Connect the microphone to the bodypack, set-up the wireless channel, and place PC Satellite anywhere an easy-to-use microphone is required. No longer do you have to cut holes in tables, run long cables, or compromise the architectural integrity of an installation. With the Polar Choice™ Satellite, anything is possible.

  • The PC-Satellite features an EV PolarChoice™ multi-pattern microphone. The multi-pattern versatility of the PolarChoice™ microphone makes it a true "problem solver". With one non-directional and 3 directional polar patterns available, the PolarChoice™ microphone is ideal for virtually any installation.

  • The PC-Satellite also includes a switchable high pass filter that greatly reduces any vibration induced noise pick-up.

Micro để bàn Electro-voice PC SATELLITE-12

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  • Free-standing weighted base for reliable stability.
  • Accepts Telex & Electro-Voice bodypack transmitters (RE-1, RE-2, FMR-1000, FMR 500 & Safe-1000)
  • Easy to use mute switch. Can be programmed to operate as either latching on/off or momentary push-to-mute.
  • High visibility blue LED clearly displays mic status to the user.
  • Exceptional sound quality with EV's proven
  • PolarChoice design.
  • Selectable polar pattern to easily adapt to any situation. Choose between omni, cardioid, supercardioid or hypercardioid.
  • Consistent microphone voicing across all four patterns.
  • Gooseneck length: 12"
  • Wireless systems sold separately
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